Hero Fighter


Legendary heroes in massive battles




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Hero Fighter is a traditional two-dimensional beat 'em up where you can choose between various heroes to participate in a war that requires you to fight in hand-to-hand combat against hundreds of enemy soldiers.

The game may remind you of the Dynasty Warriors saga - in fact, the easiest way to define it is to describe it as a two-dimensional Dynasty Warriors. Basically, you need to control a legendary hero and fight against hundreds of enemies using all kinds of weapons.

Some heroes use bows, while others prefer swords or lances, and of course there are a few who rely solely on their fists. If you continue to use the same hero, you can gain levels, which allow your character to learn new, more powerful special attacks.

You won't just face foot soldiers from the opposing army during your adventure, but you'll also come face to face with generals, who will make your life much more complicated. Luckily, up to three players can participate simultaneously in the Hero Fighter campaign mode, making those confrontations much easier.

In addition to campaign mode, which consists of seven episodes, Hero Fighter includes various other playing modes. One of them, for example, allows you to create two bands with various soldiers in each, to fight against another player in a battle arena.

Hero Fighter is an outstanding two-dimensional action game with an enormous amount of content that is sure to keep you busy for dozens of hours. And that's without even mentioning its solid graphics and exquisite character design.
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